OK,  so it’s not every day I get to photograph a family with a guinea pig but when photographing a recent on location session for Stacey & Fred Doltz, I could not resist to add Mr. Giggles, aka “Mr. G. into the family photo” We were also joined by their beautiful children, Lilly and Will, they are always a pleasure to photograph and I love capturing images that really show their personality. Also to complete the family portrait we added their cat, Mr. Butters and their adorable pup, Ellie! What a beautiful family! :)

We had the pleasure of photographing Stacey & Fred’s wedding on September 24, 2000 and are truly honored to have the opportunity to photograph their children and pets through the past 15 years! Photographing clients like Stacey & Fred and building a great relationship with them is what we enjoy the most about our business. Maybe we will have the honor of photographing Lilly’s wedding some day… even if I have to be pushed in my wheel chair! ;)

All kidding aside, we really enjoy working with the family & all of their pets and look forward in capturing many more images for them in the future!


This is Mr. Giggles, he is an adorable guinea pig and when the family is not looking, dances with the cat and dog!


Meet the Doltz Family, Fred, Stacey, Will, Lilly, Ellie, Mr. Butters and Mr. Giggles. What a great family!



I just love Ellie’s expression in the above photo, we love having the chance to photograph families in their home and pets are always more relaxed.


Will & Lilly with the pets… to cute for words!


We have been photographing Lilly since birth and she has turned into a beautiful young girl! We are so proud to capture those images that the family can enjoy for many years to come!


Will is definitely one handsome dude and I love having the chance to make him smile or laugh with me when I’m goofy! ;)


Mr. Giggles is very cute but told me he would prefer a roommate that doesn’t lick their chops when looking at him.


Meet Mr. Butters the newest addition to the family. This is one gorgeous cat and I just love his blue collar. Thank God there is a bell on him because he is very quiet and will pop out of nowhere.


Ellie is an amazing pup and loves his whole family. We have had the pleasure of meeting Ellie in 2014 for his first pet session and he ran all over the studio having a ton of fun!


Ellie is sooooooooooooooooo adorable!


Even though we had a very cold day, we took just Will and Lilly outside for a few winter scene photos. I had them walking in 4 feet of snow, and put their lives in danger when I photographed them next to an abandoned haunted shack. ;)Or at least that’s what they thought… I did get to hear Lilly scream of fear!


Love the birch trees against all that white snow!


Brother & Sister, can you feel that love?





Lilly and Will having a little fun in the snow! The snow was so deep that it took everything they had just to jump this high, they asked me to do the same and it was an epic failure! (Photo Not Available)


Above is a collection of photos that we have taken through the years of the Doltz Family, framed prints of our images decorate their home on almost every wall. :)We love the opportunity to capture images like this and feel very blessed that we get to photograph for a living. Thank you Doltz Family!

Imagine! what we can CREATE for YOU!

If you’re interested in a family portrait please feel free to contact us for an appoitment or for more information.



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On Saturday, August 9th the National Museum of Dance hosted the 2014 Dancers in Film Gala. This is our 9th year of donating our photographic services, prints, and folios for this event, which we are always so happy to be a part of. The entire evening was full of glitz and glamour as guests arrived in beautiful formal wear, ready to enjoy their night. The National Museum of Dance and all those involved in planning and coordinating the gala did an excellent job.

The exhibit honoring the 2014 Honorees and Inductees, Gene Kelly and Jacques d’Amboise, into the Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Hall of Fame, officially opened on the night of the gala. The exhibit, as you can see below, is full of bright colors, images, and text. There is truly so much to see just within this one hallway on it’s own. One half of the hallway below honors Gene Kelly and his achievements, while the other half does the same for Jacques d’Amboise. Both of these tremendously talented men accomplished so much throughout the course of their dancing careers, and the National Museum of Dance did an excellent job in honoring them. The exhibit is now open to the public, go check it out!

01This hallway provides a new twist on the typical 2-dimensional display. Umbrellas hang down fro the ceiling, a figure of Gene Kelly pops out from the wall, and a display case including two outfits of child dancers who have worked with Jacques d’Amboise. We personally loved the cityscape window shades, they make the exhibit pop even more than it already was!12.5234IMG_3608We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day to go along with such a beautiful venue and event.IMG_3625The “film” theme was creatively incorporated in all of the decorations. Look at those centerpieces!IMG_3626IMG_3637The gala hosted so many interactive elements. Pictured below is a Living Statue, courtesy of World Gate Entertainment decked out in the National Museum of Dance logo and name. He truly made the gala more fun for us as photographers, and for the guests as well!IMG_3887Raul Martinez is the Director of the National Museum of Dance and the Director of the School of the Arts. He’s pictured below, welcoming guests onto the red carpet and into the venue.IMG_3888The venue was more inviting than we have ever seen it before! The outside patio was turned into a beautiful seating area that was used throughout the whole evening. We loved all the pops of the theme colors of the night; there were blues, purples, and yellows scattered throughout the outside, bar area, and ballroom.IMG_3889IMG_3890There were even more living statues present in different areas during the night. We love how the gold, metallic statue below looks with the colored lights projected in the bar area.IMG_3891IMG_3892.2IMG_3892Would you ever guess that this is a dance studio? Us neither! The decor blows us away every year. This year the movie posters on the walls, giant disco ball, the beautiful centerpieces, illuminated dance floor, the colors, and the ballroom as a whole made for so many different photographs.IMG_3893IMG_3894Each centerpiece even had it’s own disco ball. Film was creatively incorporated into the flower arrangement too, as you can see below.IMG_3895.5The night was full of colored lights being reflected off of all the silver, shiny surfaces in a million different directions. It was awesome!IMG_3895IMG_3896Put him in front of a backdrop of the same pattern and it’s like he’s barely there! Incredible! The statue made for some great Step & Repeat photos with guests!IMG_3898Pictured below is President and Gala Chairwoman Michele Riggi with the Living Statue.IMG_3899Pictured below is honored guest Mariano Rivera being interviewed by the press.IMG_3900Jacques d’Amboise, legendary dancer and choreographer , was officially inducted into the Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Hall of Fame on the night of the gala. The hosts of the night were so grateful to have such a distinguished guest join the evening.  Jacques is pictured below with Michele Riggi (left) and Shelley Caswell, Facility Coordinator at the National Museum of Dance.IMG_3901Pictured below is Michele Riggi with her daughter Roslyn Zecchini.IMG_3902Pictured below: Roslyn Zecchini with guest (left), Patricia Riggi with brother Francis Eckardt and daughter Nicole Rich (center), and Jeffrey and Rochelle Higgins (right).IMG_3903Pictured below: Neil and Jane Golub (left), John Witt and guest (center), and Bill and Susan Dake (right).

IMG_3904Pictured below: (left to right) Ron Riggi, Clara Rivera, Michele Riggi, and Mariano Rivera.IMG_3905IMG_3906Pictured below: (left to right) Vincent Riggi, Christopher Riggi, Brian Marks, Michael Barss, Johnny Rich, and guest.IMG_3907Pictured below: Laura Dirado, head of Design & Development for the NMD and Raul Martinez, Director of NMD & Director of the School of the Arts.IMG_3908IMG_3909IMG_3916IMG_3917IMG_3918Pictured below: Sara Brians and Jeremy Benton dancing to “Begin the Beguine” choreographed by Randy Skinner.  They did an excellent job!IMG_3919Mariano Rivera, Honorary Chair, spoke and gave the meal blessing.IMG_3920IMG_3921Guests enjoyed a night on the dance floor as the the T.S. Ensemble played both old and new hit songs.IMG_3922IMG_3923IMG_3924IMG_3913The dance floor was packed all night and was always full of energy!IMG_3926After all the planning and organizing, Michele deserved a little fun herself!

IMG_0813IMG_3927IMG_3928IMG_3929IMG_3930President and Gala Chairwoman Michele Riggi wore three dresses throughout the course of the night, each one was stunning.IMG_3931

As always, Michele encourages everyone to dance and have fun.

IMG_4264And of course, what is an event without the spectacular dining services and catering of Mazzone Hospitality? The food was fabulous and the dessert was to die for!

IMG_4342We thoroughly  enjoyed photographing the 2014 Dances in Film Gala at the National Museum of Dance. We, like many others, truly appreciate all those who put their time and effort into making the night such a success. The Gala Committee and the National Museum of Dance staff did such an AMAZING job! Everything from the decor, to the meal, and even the venue as a whole was wonderful.

Special thanks to gracious supporters: Turbine Services Limited, Witt Construction, Inc., World Gate Entertainment, Waterford Crystal, Price Chopper, Stewart’s Shops, Columbia Development Companies, DZ Restaurants, Inc., ACES American Concert Entertainment Services, Fine Affairs, Mazzone Hospitality, Bonacio Construction, Inc., Clifton Park Rental Center, Hidden Gardens, Imagine! Photography & Design, and The Adirondack Trust Company

In order to view ALL of the images from the Gala visit the link below:

2014 NMD Dancers in Film Gala – Photo Gallery

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We recently had the pleasure of photographing the engagement session of the lovely Meghan Barss and her fiance, Kevin Carcaterra in New York City. We started the session in Central Park. It was a Saturday, so naturally, Central Park was full of people. Luckily we were able to find lots of semi-private locations within the giant landscape that is the park itself. The intimacy shared between Meghan and Kevin was communicated beautifully in the photographs and GIFs created that day, as the chemistry between the couple is noticeably strong, natural, and genuine.

IMG_97181IMG_1977These two are serious troopers… it was pouring rain while we were photographing the images and GIF below and they weren’t fazed at all!2GIF-6-MWhat’s a trip to the greatest city in the country without a little patriotism? We stumbled across “the statue of liberty” in Central Park and of course, stopped to take a photo!IMG_2104 (2)IMG_2069 (2)3

Not only did the personalities of Kevin and Meghan complement each other well, but so did their attire! Meghan wore a beautiful sea-foam green dress with a matching necklace and gorgeous heels. Kevin wore a nicely patterned and colored button-up, complementing. Meghan’s attire perfectly.4IMG_2122IMG_2152 (2)Meghan and Kevin’s love for each other stood out and attracted the attention of many on-goers.IMG_98635GIF-14The day was full of smiles and lots of photo-ops as we migrated throughout the park.IMG_2161IMG_2145IMG_21277 We made our way from Central Park South to Bethesda Fountain & Terrace. This area is full of beautiful, intricate stonework and architecture.8IMG_2242IMG_2284 (2)910IMG_9899-26Luckily the weather improved throughout the course of the day, we even got some sunshine!IMG_2212 (2)IMG_2353 (2)IMG_2343IMG_2298IMG_2225After sharing a delicious dinner with the couple, they stopped for a quick change of attire and we headed to the center of downtown Manhattan. Being a Saturday night, Times Square was packed to the brim. It is truly an exciting place when it’s full of hundreds of people. Photographing in Times Square can be a challenge but the constant activity always makes for interestingly diverse visuals.IMG_2399 (2)11Times Square was the perfect place for GIF making, as multitudes of people moving in different directions combined with the advertisements surrounding the entire area passed through our frame every second.GIF-4GIF-3GIF-1We left Times Square and headed to Radio City to take a few last photos.IMG_2522 (2)IMG_2460GIF-5-MIMG_2489GIF-212After we said our goodbyes to the wonderful couple, we went out on our own to photograph the bustling nightlife of New York City, and some of it’s well known attractions.IMG_2535IMG_2540GIF-11-MIMG_2544IMG_0286IMG_0126GIF-10-MIMG_0292GIF-9-MIMG_0209GIF-8-M

Photographing in New York City is always such an adventure for us. We love being able to take in and utilize as much of the city as we can when photographing sessions. We thoroughly enjoy seeking out locations within the city, as Central Park itself is full of countless opportunities. Where else can you find intimacy in a park, yet constant activity right down the road? We had an excellent weekend. We truly appreciated working with Kevin and Meghan as they willingly withstood rainstorms, giant crowds of tourists, and the inevitable pain that comes with being fashionable throughout the course of the day.  Thank you both for this wonderful opportunity! We look forward to photographing your wedding; it’s going to be a blast!

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