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Getting Started
it's an honor to have the chance to create and capture your engagement session. We will work extremely hard at making your dream wedding a reality and it all starts at the Engagement Session.

Since it's unlikely that you've ever worked with a professional photographer, it's only natural that you might feel a bit nervous about having your photograph taken in a public setting. Since your wedding day is not the best time to realize those additional pressures, working with Imagine! to capture engagement photographs allows you both to become more comfortable in front of the camera (and in front of other people). This experience also gives us time to establish a personal relationship--a relationship built on trust and familiarity. During this engagement session we'll all have a great time and you'll be able to get to know us better both personally and professionally. During your session, we will also gain a better understanding of your personalities, your best expressions, and your quirks. We will teach you how to casually pose for photographs so that you'll always be seen at your best. We will also offer you a ton of advice related to planning and starring in your own wedding. Some of these details include suggestions about "the kiss" and the ring exchange that will help ensure that I'm able to capture the best possible photos during those very important moments.

You'll also have the benefit of seeing how we work when photographing people. Perhaps more importantly, you'll be able to view these photographs long before your wedding day which will allow you to be very comfortable with the style of photographs that we'll create. You'll also see how great you can look in photos. This access will increase the confidence you have in yourselves as well as in our capabilities as your wedding photographers. After our session you'll really begin to look forward to the photographs that we will take on your wedding day. You'll also be able to more
clearly articulate the style of photography you prefer so we can make sure we incorporate those same techniques on your wedding day.

Choosing Locations
The location for your engagement session can vary based on your preferences or lifestyle. You may choose to meet where you were engaged or where you had your first date. Or you may want to meet somewhere like your home, office, a local park or maybe just downtown in your favorite city. Your choices are practically limitless and are bounded only by the restrictions of the venue. Feel free to be different and think outside the box! Imagine! what we can CREATE for YOU!

Please note FREE ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS are ONLY available in Congress Park, Saratoga State Park or Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga Springs. For other destinations and different locations, please call us for pricing at 518.348.1780.

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