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Senior Pricing

Session Fees:

All Senior portrait sessions are photographed ON LOCATION at a park, school, office or special location of your choosing. Feel free to contact us for a free phone consultation in order to help plan your senior session and answer any questions that you may have. All sessions are for one hour unless otherwise noted.

Local one hour on location fee:                                                                           

$25 per half hour

* All images will be uploaded on our website for viewing and purchasing. Clients will be provided a secure online link with access to the images about 5 days from your photography session.

* There you will be able to place your order conveniently online; we offer everything from custom prints to unique Senior Signature Books. All work is guaranteed 100% satisfaction.
* Terms: Your images will be available for 14 days in order for you to place your order, if your order is not received in that time period, your Online Viewing will be De-Activated and a $25 fee will be charged to Re-Activate your account. If you place your order within the 14 days, your online viewing and ordering system will remain Online for 90 days.

Custom Prints:
Ala' Carte Pricing:

2 wallets......$10.00
8 wallets......$35.00

•    Portrait Packages are available online starting at $150

High Resolution images available for immediate downloading:

All images taken: $350 (includes copyright/print release)

High Resolution images available for immediate downloading:

One HR image only: $75 (includes copyright/print release)


If you have any questions or need assistance in planning for your senior session
please feel free to call us at 518.348.1780

Hints & Tips:

You never have to worry about blemishes on the day of your portrait session. We make them disappear!..and we always whiten teeth...every image you purchase is retouched! 

NOTE: At least one of your outfits for your Senior Portrait sitting must meet school dress code standards so that your portrait can be submitted for the yearbook. Your second outfit, including hats or other props is entirely up to you!  


Clothing: Avoid wearing white (it draws the eye to it), stripes and loud, busy patterns (make the eyes tired). This applies to shirts, pants, socks, dresses and skirts. Long sleeved shirts, tops and dresses look better than short sleeved or sleeveless ones. Long pants and skirts usually look better than short ones. Choose clothing with solid colors and/or very small patterns. Burgundy, blue, purple, and green work well. Think about how your clothing colors complement or detract from your coloring. Pastels and very light colors tend to photograph lighter than you would expect. Darker colors bring out skin tones better than lighter colors.

Make sure clothing is as wrinkle free as possible

Hats: Special permission from yearbook staff is usually required if you want to wear a hat for your yearbook pose. But you can bring a hat to put on  sometime during your session  if  you wish. We recommend that if you usually wear a hat all day - don't on the day of your portrait session. (They make hair rings.) Bring it with you and have a few shots taken with it on after the other "hatless" portraits have been taken.

Shine Reduction: Oil on skin creates shiny spots on your face when a flash is used. To reduce shiny spots apply, a light dusting of baby powder or cosmetic powder to your face. Spots most likely to shine are noses, cheeks, chins, and foreheads. (This applies to guys too!)

Acne: Try not to worry too much if you have acne or blemishes. Retouching works wonders! To help create even skin tones, you can dab a bit of concealer on your blemishes (yes.. this applies to guys too).

If you have very heavy acne, it is best not to cover it with hair (such as bangs). Bangs over acne makes retouching more difficult.

Glasses: Light reflected from a flash in eyeglass lenses can create white spots. To reduce this occurrence, you can check to see if your lenses have a glare resistant coating, asks your optometrist to temporarily remove your lenses or borrow a set of frames similar to the ones you usually wear.

Hair: For your portraits, you want your hair to look its best. We recommend that if you are planning to have it cut before your portrait session, have it done at least two weeks before. This gives it a chance to grow out and look natural.

Facial Hair: If you have a heavy beard and don't want that "shadow" to show, please shave before you come to the studio for your session.

Jewelry & Watches: Try to remember to wear only the things you want in your portrait. If you wear a watch, but it's not a "special" watch, it's usually best to take it off...even if you have a tan line.

Sports Equipment: If you are in sports and want photographs with your Letterman jacket - bring it! If you have special hobby equipment or a musical instrument - bring it! If you plan to be photographed with something a fire engine or horse...please let us know ahead of time so we can schedule your appointment accordingly.

In a photo session with a car, most of the images highlight you with sections of your car visible in the background.

Pets: Pets are welcome to join you provided that you bring someone along to hold them while your session is in progress.

Attitude: Believe it or not, your attitude makes a big difference in how your portraits turn out. Many people arrive at our studio feeling nervous....we understand that you may feel stress about wanting to look your very best. That's what we want too!

Try to relax and trust in the Photographers skill and experience. We are experts at posing, and working with people to capture natural expressions. After a photography session, most people leave the session happy with a smile still lingering on their face.

Don't Forget Your Parents: Your Senior Portrait definitely makes a statement about who you are and how you will be remembered by your peers. But don't forget that this is also a special time for your parents too. After all, you are their baby all grown up! Your parents will probably be the ones who will want to hang larger prints of you in their home. After you have moved away, your portrait will be all the more meaningful to them. We encourage you to involve your parents in the whole portrait process. They are more than welcome to come to your portrait session with you. They can tell us if your smiles are genuine, make sure your hair is arranged just how you want it and they can work with us if they have a certain look they want us to capture. Parents are invaluable!

Friends: Your friends are welcome to join you for your Senior Portrait photography session. If you want a few shots taken with your friend(s), the photographer will include them at no additional charge. Many Seniors who want to have portraits taken with friends, schedule their appointments together

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