Annie & Will ~ January 4th, 2014

A great start to the New Year was having the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Annie & Will Macaluso at Franklin Plaza in Troy, NY. It was a “little cold” on this particular wedding day, with temperatures in the single digits! At one point, when we were photographing at Annie’s house in the morning, the temperature gauge read -9 below but this did not stop Annie & Will from enjoying every aspect of their wedding day! Their ceremony and reception was held at the elegant Franklin Plaza Ballroom, which sparkled brightly from the decorations and up-lighting that filled the rooms. The stage was set perfectly for a gorgeous wedding and we were excited to be photographing our first wedding of the New Year!

Annie looked absolutely beautiful when the Imagine! Team showed up to start capturing her day. Makeup by Kyle was just finishing as we arrived and as always they did a fabulous job on everyone. The flower girl was so cute and I could tell it was going to be a challenge not taking a million photos of her! If you’re going to have a winter wedding make sure you have a warm beautiful coat like Annie did, she looked so stunning in it and at one point it was keeping her from turning into a snowman!



This expression on Annie’s face is priceless, so was so excited to be getting married!


We interrupt this moment with a call from Will, could Annie’s smile get any bigger?;)Gotta love that flower girl!


Deep in thought has Annie gets ready… she must be thinking about the first look!


Annie is so beautiful and I love that sparkle in her eyes! Hang on Will, you knees will buckle for sure when you see her!


Annie looks so warm here in her white coat… it’s a good thing you can’t see all of her goosebumps!

1016Looking good Will! A couple of adjustments before the first look with Annie.



We were joking about Will beating everyone in chess, so we had him play his alter ego.:)


The “First Looks” can be very emotional and I really love this image of Annie seeing Will for the first time on their wedding day!



Out to face the weather and capture a few outside images. I think Will should have had a White coat too!:)



I don’t know what the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl were really doing here but it was priceless!!


Here we are all chill-en in front of Franklin Plaza… literally;)


I think the Ring Bearer wanted to go back outside!


Annie sneaks Wanda this smile as she prepares to walk down the isle.


Speechless… absolutely speechless!


Annie and her Mom with huge smiles on as they see Will.



As always the room at Franklin Plaza was elegant and the guests were all blown away when they came into the room by its beauty.


Just a little twirl on the dance floor during Annie & Will’s first dance together.






Their family and friends danced the entire night and everyone had a fantastic time together!


I just love that we have the opportunity to capture moments like theses for our couples!




I love the quiet moment that Annie & Will are having in front of the fireplace with the beautiful Christmas Tree glowing in the background.


Will decided to play a little tune on the piano for Annie… it’s like she is falling in love with him all over again!:)


Annie & Will’s wedding was just featured in HERLIFE MAGAZINE’S April Issue, feel free to view it online at:


Winter weddings are beautiful and will definitely stand out among the rest. Yes it’s cold and sometimes very cold but that should not stop your wedding story from being told. What better way to enjoy that time of year than celebrating a wedding with your family and friends! From a fresh fallen snow scene, to making a Bride & Groom kiss in the cold, you never know what can be created during this special time of year! We personally love winter weddings and have a great time photographing our couples in the snow and cold. If your contemplating a winter wedding, we would love the opportunity to discuss your wedding plans with you and encourage you to contact us to setup a free consultation. Imagine! what we can CREATE for YOU!



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It all starts with the Engagement Session.

At Imagine! Photography & Design we feel that having an engagement session is one of the most important steps in planning for your wedding day. Some couples may feel it’s a waste of time or is not necessary, however there are many valuable reasons why you will benefit from utilizing this opportunity. In all of our wedding packages we include a “Free” local session at one of the following parks; Yaddo Gardens, Saratoga State Park and Congress Park in Saratoga Springs. We also highly recommend our couples to “think outside the box” and choose a location that is different or has a special meaning to the couple. Some locations may have an additional “travel charge” but we encourage you to contact us to discuss your engagement session plans.

Having the opportunity to work with our couples and establishing a relationship is priceless! Learning more about our clients will give us the connection to personalize their wedding day images and give us the ability to capture images that truly show their personalities and love for each other. We spend about an hour with our couples, watching them, listening to them, having fun with them, getting to know them, and photographing them all at the same time. We take watch how they interact with each other, their individual personalities, and even their quirks.

You also have a chance to see how we (the photographers) work together and interact with you (the clients) well before the wedding day. This will give you the chance to discuss angles or types of photos that you may not particularly like. Having 17 years of experience we came to realize that all couples are different, they have different tastes, personalities and styles. When we photograph clients, we want the images to be a representation of them and not just something we decided to put together. Real life, real emotion and real couples in love.

Another advantage you might want to think of doing is having your hair and makeup test done on the same day as your engagement images. This way you get to see a trial run on how your hair and makeup will look in photos and you can let your hair and makeup team know if there is anything you would like to change. We always believe that it is important to utilize a professional makeup artist for your engagement session and wedding day. We recommend the following teams and encourage clients to contact them for a consultation. Make me Fabulous and Flawless by Tina.

We promise our couples that once you see your engagement images, you will be excited about them and will have more confidence in yourselves and how you will look in photographs. On the wedding day you will look forward to having your photos taken, instead of dreading the thought of having a camera pointed at you all day.











Once you have your engagement images taken there are a million things you can do with them. They can be given, as gifts to the family, parents especially always appreciate photographs of their children. You can make a small album or a coffee table box for yourselves. Most clients order some sort of wall collage or portrait to hang on the wall in their new home. The most popular is having a Wedding Signature Book made using some of your favorite images from your session. This book is then displayed at the wedding where your guests can sign their name or write wedding advise to the newly weds. Also don’t forget about “Save the Date” magnets or postcards, they are always a big hit! Let us create a custom design for you! Parents can also send an engagement picture to your hometown newspaper to announce your engagement and coming wedding.

Recently we were asked to photograph a surprise engagement by a groom and helped in the planning process! We are definitely grateful in having the honor and opportunity to capture all of these special moments for our couples and absolutely LOVE what we do.

What ever you decide to do, just remember it all starts with your engagement! Imagine! what we can CREATE for YOU!

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Allison & John – June 8th, 2013 – Glen Sanders Mansion

It’s never to late to blog about an awesome wedding at the Glen Sanders Mansion that took place on June 8th, 2013. We had the distinct pleasure of photographing the wedding for Allison & John Lomascol and created some great images that we wanted to share with everyone. First of all their wedding day was absolutely beautiful with near perfect weather. Allison looked radiant and had a smile that could melt your heart. John was very easy to work with and all of the groomsmen made the whole day fun. We love photographing weddings and telling their “story” by capturing and creating images the evoke emotion.

Here is their story…

Allison’s dress was unique and absolutely stunning! Thoughts and Best Wishes provided the dress and Allison modeled it gracefully.

This photo was actually taken towards the end of the evening when Allison & John went back to their suite at Glen Sanders Mansion where Mazzone Hospitality surprised them with some champagne and desserts. I could not resist photographing the wedding rings on top of a Cannoli  covered with milk chocolate chips! Yum!

I love her smile and the way her nose crinkles a little when she laughs. Here are a few photos of her and the bridesmaids in their “wedding robes” toasting to a great day!

All of the girls and even the Moms had personalized champagne flutes, how fun. I love the color and the bridesmaids shoes all lined up to go.

I absolutely love this image of Allison getting ready with her dad (teary eyed) watching her from the back of the room. They grow up so fast and before you know it you’ll be walking them down the isle. I love moments like this at a wedding.:)

We all know that guys getting ready on the wedding day have it easy and when they see some of the “behind the scene” photos they usually say, “Wow, I had no idea it was such a production!”

Love the downstairs bar at the Glen Sanders Mansion, it has such a European Pub feel to it. I love the attitude in this image, Allison definitely “rocked it!”

Here the girls were having a little fun, but the best part was when one of them “accidentally took a shot,” the look on her face was priceless! Which one you ask, I’m sworn to secrecy!

Here are a  few of my favorite images of Allison, stunning right? Sometimes clients get hung up on their smiles or expression, I believe that they should relax and not think about it. Images like this are sophisticated and elegant.

Bam! That’s right ladies and gentleman, Allison looks like a professional model in this photo. XOXO – Make-up by the talented Jennifer McCarthy Norton with True Grace Makeup!

We just had to take her out by the water for a few and love the one Wanda photographed through the doorway.

It’s about that time, off to the church we go. Here the guys are just chillin, waiting to enter the church for the ceremony. Like I said before, the guys were easy to photograph and posed like pros for a few before heading into the church.

One of the greatest moments, that always takes are breath away… the bride being escorted down the isle by her dad.:)

From this day forward… I love classic photographs like this, they are timeless.

St. Johns in Schenectady is one of my favorite churches and I never get tired of that vaulted ceiling. Just beautiful.

Many of you know that I love to capture silhouettes… I love this one!

Off to the reception we go, but let’s sneak in a few limo photos. We love the one with John’s reflection in the window!

What a great expression, captured at just the right moment, I’m sure Allison & John will treasure this one for many years to come!

This is my “Oh What A Feeling” photo!:)

Don’t worry about those storm clouds in the background, it totally missed us!

A few fun candid’s with the bridal party. The guys were totally rocking those special cufflinks. “Wonder Twin Powers Activate!”

This kiss was so hot it crack the lens on my glasses!

The crew aka “The Bridal Party,” thank you Mallory, Kristin, Michele, Marissa, Shannon, Kristin#2, David, Josh, Adam, Matt, Garrett, Shazaan, Allison & John! Did I miss anyone?

The wedding colors were bright and cheerful. Flowers by: Party with Mia

I loved how the head table looked at the wedding… magical!

What time is it? It’s PARTY TIME!! Right from the get go Vinny from Cool Cat Entertainment had everyone on the dance floor getting “JIGGY” with it!

OK, everyone is feeling the love now!:)

First Dance images are some of my favorite moments from a wedding, the smiles on both John & Allison here says it all!

Toasts at a wedding are unpredictable and you never know what to expect, from emotional to kidding with the Groom. I love the different array of images in this series.

The traditional parent dances always make for some memorable moments. Allison’s Dad is so happy in these images and I love the way he looks at her. You can completely see how proud he is of Allison.

I just love the emotional hug that John’s Mother gave him as they walked onto the dance floor. Priceless!

OK, so the whole night the dance floor was packed and everyone had a crazy good time. Here are just a few highlights!

I love how they are about to cut the cake here, with such surgical perfection and a serious demeanor.

Now for some crazy fun and a few surprises. Allison surprised John with a special cake and John surprised Allison with one too!

As the Hulk would say, “Puny humans… Hulk must smash cake!” After eating it of course!:)

Special moments and unforgettable good times.

Dessert time is always popular at the Glen Sanders Mansion and I love how they pay attention to the littlest of details during the couples day.

This photograph was taken in complete blackness with no other light source, John & Allison had no idea what I was doing but the look on their faces when I showed them the photo was awesome!

Back to the suite for one last photo and a clothing change for Allison. A classic look for the newly married couple. Congrats!

Thank you Allison & John for entrusting us with capturing your wedding memories, you were a pleasure to work with and hope you enjoy the images for many years to come! We look forward in creating a beautiful wedding album for you!

Imagine! what we can CREATE for YOU!

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